Galleries ยป Invitations

Here are some examples of wedding invitations created by 21st Century Scribes. But please note that beginning in October 2013, we no longer create custom wedding invitations from scratch ---- that is, we no longer select and cut the papers, create the calligraphic texts, print the texts, and assemble all parts into completed invitations.

Instead, we provide only the handwritten texts, in the form of digital master images, that we sell to the client. The client then is responsible for choosing the papers, and having the texts printed on them, and assembling the parts into the completed invitations. In other words, we offer clients the opportunity to substitute handwritten invitation texts for ordinary font-based texts. So, whether you make your own invitations from scratch, or choose to let an invitation company create them, the finished product will look far more beautiful because all the words are handwritten, not fonts.

It's so simple. You email us the wording of your invitation, response card, return address, or any other texts, and we email you gorgeous handwritten ready-to-print images in the calligraphic style of your choice. Then you sit back and wait for the raves to pour in.

When you send handwritten invitations to your guests, it speaks volumes about your desire and commitment to please them. So go all the way by using handcrafted words, rather than mechanical fonts, to invite your guests to your celebration of love.

Simply complete the Text Order Form and we'll get started on your handwritten invitation texts.